Hoodie/ Jogger Set


1. Decide what color option you want through the "Color Options" product tab. The color names are matched up with the pictures from left to right.
2. Add what product you will be purchasing to your cart
3. Indicate in the notes section at checkout what COLOR & SIZE you will be purchasing (sizing listed below)

SIZING: Unisex Hoodie S-2XL / Women's Joggers 0-12 / Mens Joggers: S-2XL

NOTE: Each product is handmade to order and will take 3-4 weeks to make & ship. These are custom hand dyed/designed pieces and no two items will be identical. The item you receive will not look exactly the same as the ones on display, but a variation of it.

Wash cold. Hang dry.

There are no returns since each item is made to order.